somebody´s somewhere/Tarot Spiel



Our city is more than a lifeless system of stone and steel to organize daily life with. We live in it! On some days, we enjoy life in our city. On other days, we hate life in our city. We discover our surroundings. We collect pictures while walking through the streets, while sitting in the tube or while drinking a cup of coffee at a Café. We make different experiences with and in our city. We connect memories with certain places. Actually, we have a relationship and our „own“ story with the city we live in.

somebody´s somewhere is a tarot that invites you to take a walk through your „own“ city,  to find out more about your relationship with your city. On your journey through your „own“ city, let the tarot inspire you!

The tarot contains tarot-cards, a tarot-sheet and a booklet with information and inspirations. The cards visualize different ideas of an urban city. The sheet shows the system of putting the tarot-cards and creating the walk. The booklet provides information about the cards and further inspirations like thoughts, stories and experiences of people from different branches and from all over Europe.

It is possible to buy the tarot game. The price is 20 Euro (plus shipping rate). Please contact us:



Moritz Bellers, landscape architect, Stuttgart, Germany
Hans Christ, director of WKV, Stuttgart, Germany
Ciarán Fahey, journalist, Berlin, Germany & Ireland
Pierre Filliez, mask maker, actor, Berlin, Germany & Switzerland
Inês Gomes, art historian, Lisbon, Portugal
Lütfiye Güzel, writer, Duisburg, Germany
Leoni Hellmayr, archaeologist, Berlin, Germany
Bettina Huttschek, artist, Berlin, Germany & Malta
katharinajej, artist, Cologne, Germany
Natalie Lettenewitsch, lecturer in film studies, Berlin, Germany
Hanna Mertens, cultural manager, Marseille, France
Michael Roggon, artist, Berlin, Germany
Tina Saum, flanerie, Stuttgart, Germany
Marcus Steinweg, philosopher & artist, Berlin, Germany
Olga Schulz, artist, Stuttgart, Germany
Bruno de Wachter, writer, Brussels, Belgium

The illustrations by Joanna Latka are published in the Catalog of Portuguese Illustration (2016)! The Catalog of Portuguese Illustration brings together 327 illustrations of 77 Portuguese artists. „It is a catalog that gathers what is best done in illustration in Portugal“, says José Teófilo Duarte, one of the curators of the initiative Portuguese Illustration.


Concept: Tina Saum/flanerie
Illustrations: Joanna Latka
Tarot-Board: Coline Petit

Editorial Staff: flanerie
Translations: flanerie & Lorie Quint
Layout & Typesetting: Juliane Güttsches
Printed by: Wiesinger Media GmbH, Fellbach/Germany

Kulturamt der Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart/Germany, Wiesinger Media GmbH, Fellbach/Germany, Deutsches Spielkartenmuseum, Leinfelden-Echterdingen/Germany